Friday, January 23, 2009

The Audacity of Joke

I found this on Facebook, the artist's name is James Lilis. Don't know much else about him, but thought these were pretty cool.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Why is this cool and what is the context? sorry- i don't get it please elaborate.

Thx :)

andyyang said...

Shepard Fairey rip off.

zeropointfive said...

you can do that effect on your own picture here lol:

dominique said...

Its a political satire. Basically its a commentary on the hollywood style treatment of Obama, a reference to some of his speeches being rehashes of past speeches by other speakers (hence the rip off), and a reference to the origin of his book title (the Audacity of hope) being from one of Jeremiah Wright's more controversial sermons.

Regardless of politics, it does convey its meaning.

Bella said...

The Joker parody allude to certain comic (watchmen), batman (the i believe in harvey dent thing) and pop culture references.

and yeah, dom you got a standing point there. it's kinda impressive yet scary how his presence infiltrates worldwide like some kind of fad or a new culture. Its truly an american dream resonated and in its ultimate form, really.. you can't go wrong with that, it's perfection personified at this stage.