Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Water Buffalo's Reward(cover) Children's book

It is a story about a water buffalo learning about the value of
diligence. The story is simple and charming, but with hidden
complexities that will enable parents and teachers to discuss
the story and the underlying value of diligence with children.
The book comes with pointers and fun facts for parents and

The series aims to provide a means of exposing children to
various Asian Values through simple yet engaging stories.
Water Buffalo’s Reward, the first book in the series, was launched
on 5 January 2009. The other two books are scheduled to be
launched in April and July respectively.

(Available in hardcover and paperback at Select Books
and all major bookstores)


drewscape said...

cool. looks very well done. You did the mix media quite well.

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on how to do it.

moodytwoshoes said...

Congratulations! Great work! The illustrations are so charming! :)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Good work Lidan. Can see the effort you put in.

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Li Dan said...

Thank you :) next book, Baby Panda finds his way will be coming out soon. said...

very very nice!