Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rock & Blues

Timbré Festival Club, a five-week long music festival (last year) consisting of gigs held at Timbré. The festival has two genre billings - Rock and Blues. My challenge was to create two distinctive identities that can still be cohesive when used under the umbrella of one festival. The design was inspired by coasters, and deliberately made to look slightly vintage.

my first draft, which i like more than the subsequent ones. The Blues guy is a lot more groovy in this one. However, the blues bands performing at the festivals did not have sax-players. Thus, the organisers were not compleetly comfortable with this.

So i changed the blues guy into a guitar player. But the feedback was that he looks waiter-ish. !!

And i changed his outfit to what the original sax-player was wearing. i added more vintage touch to it all and we went with this.


drewscape said...

hey sean, it looks cool. the weathered effect is a nice touch. i think it takes good design skills as well as illustration skills to pull this one off. said...

thanks drew!

zeropointfive said...

I like them all :) nice design! Anyone tell you it reminds them of a playing card? Or is it just me? heh said...


thanks and yes i've been told! although the design was more by beer coasters!