Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's raining again

Detail and full image of a painting from last night. 24"x30" - acrylic, acrylic ink, charcoal on fabric mounted over an old canvas. Not entirely sure if the painting works, was working it out as I went along. Happy for any critique :)


F L E E said...

i love this!!!
you are getting REALLY good at this!
i really must see this in real piece!
I always enjoy how you cleverly use the blue/turquoise as highlights or shadows.
Keep the good work comin'!

Mr.B said...

cool stuff san san!

twisstii said...

cool stuff, love the colour :D the hair sticking out on the left looks strange but overall mood is captured well.

andyyang said...

nice style. I like the dreamy vibe. you should come over to klang lane to paint. it's painting time at klang lane. kakaka...

Don Low said...

This is real hot! Considering the size!! Well done I look forward to your solo soon.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Good job- overall nice nice effect but these few areas needs work.

All comments may b subjective - its wht i can see from ur jpeg

1. There is too much background. Cropping can be tighter around the couple to give it more tension.
2. The guy's hand can be better
3. The glow is abit too much or over worked here. I see tht it works when u draw a single figure but for a couple it seems overkill or maybe its 2 thick?
4. Agree with Twist about the hair. Either take it out or it should b abit more.

Really hats off to u for pushing yourself to draw and paint with what ever time u have- really inspiring to me :)
Keep pushing- u r helping us too :D

moodytwoshoes said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. Esp for highlighting the flawed bits. I thought the painting fell short in a few areas, but needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at it.
Really happy I have you all to give me your comments and perspectives :) And it really is more enjoyable drawing and painting in the company of like-minded people! (Save me some space in Klang Lane to paint!!)