Friday, October 23, 2009

Lone Wolf

The title is so emo it's cool. Anyway this is a rejected piece for OIC Portrait Day poster LOL - kidding, chairman!!! Ink and markers again. Some people like Ben prefer the W.I.P version BWARGH!

Many thanks to Flee's and Danny's 5 Sec Faces for providing the human face for reference. Welfare fo laif!


zeropointfive said...

That's a really beautiful and wicked piece zid! :) makes me itchy to try markers too!

Awesome work man! Is it a self-portrait?

Bella said...

oh zid you never fail to scare the right hand out of me!!!

The rawness of the brush strokes in the hair is uninhibited looking but how'd you be so neat?

cool, i love wolves too. but i think i'll draw myself as a cat.

ken lee said...

Great stuff zid!! I like!!

pins said...

awesome awesome piece here.
damn dope.