Monday, October 05, 2009

OIC Portrait Day Oct pixs

Thanks for coming by on Sat and Sunday to support us! 
I hope all of you were "enriched" or learned something new in some way. 

Some highlights for me at MAAD on top of meeting the regulars were... 
- Seeing all the 3x3x30 entries. 
- Meeting MESSYMSXI. Didn't know she's back. Hoping to hear her share about her work soon.
- Joeel/ Ejetc came by- he gave some good advice. Thanks Joeel! :)
- Teng Hong dropped by too- hope he get's website/ folio up soon. This guy is an amazing artist! Respect!
- Alice K- You should meet a person like this at least once a month! Her cheerfulness is infectious! ( This sister has a stall at MAAD. )
- Nana's Roomism paper toy mod stall. Nice idea! esp with kids. Didn't realise that there's a machine for cutting the templates.
- The 5 Sec Faces - hope they have collected enough faces!
- MAAD's Mamasan's new look!

Most glad that I always have helpers at our events. Thanks to the faithful crew- Twisstii, Fei, Adeline, MrB, Zid, Sansan and also Raziff. Roger / ShuffleArt oic bun supplier! Pixelmunky for packing my sunday lunch! ( hope I didn't miss anyone ) 

See more pixs here and more pixs here by Raziff see you all soon in November!!


F L E E said...

No! (hahah!) Thank you!
You crazy lah, you the one who did most of the work lah! More like i need to thank you for helping me to make my little project possible.

Last weekend was one of the most fun i ever had in a long while.

THANK YOU! (bows)

zeropointfive said...

Hey Mike, Thanks so much for organizing all this, It's an incredible amount of work! Power to you for your initiative, ideas and sheer manual labour! Thanks to all the OIC supporters, helpers and fellow illustrators too! :) everyone ROCKS!