Monday, October 05, 2009

Msxi for Hansel A/W09

A collaboration with fashion label Hansel, to create an animation for Jo's A/W09 collection titled ROBOT GIRL!
Animation was initially done on pencil and paper, frame by frame, then animated on PS CS3 (which isnt the best program for animation, but due to my lack of skills, it was easier to manage) and stitching up of scenes on iMovie. If you do not possess programs like Final Cut Pro you could use iMovie to put animation and music tracks together. It took me approximately 3 weeks to conceptualise, draw and animate this piece. And all thanks to Adrian Wee for his sound expertise !

If you are a fan of Hansel, do drop by her very first boutique : The hansel Shop @ #01-02 Stamford House


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

cute! :D - I like the audio track too!

Maybe you can share how long u took to finish this and what software u used.
Did u sync to the track yourself? thx :)

MSXI said...

oh no, Adrian did the track ! i am a complete idiot when it comes to sounds !

AG said...

dun pray pray!!

this animation is super fun!!!
the soundtrack is fantastic and makes everything so much trippier-

did you take photos of the drawings or did you scan them in one by one?

very nice!

MSXI said...

:-) thanks for your appreciation!

ya, i really like the sound track too, made the whole animation complete!

oh, and i scanned them one by one !

drewscape said...

yeah i saw a big robot in the shop window display.