Friday, January 22, 2010

10 practice drawings from the news

Here is a small project done just for fun, practice and experimentation. They were mostly based on pictures in the Straits Times. Mistakes and all remain uncorrected in them. No photoshoping. The nice part is that there's no client to request changes to these:) Please feel free to continue this theme of newspaper drawings in your own style. I think it would be fun to see.

G-nib, ink and gouache on paper.

Ballpoint, black ink and watercolour on paper.

pen + ink on paper.

brush + ink + gouache on paper

gouache + ink + pencil

calligraphy pen + gouache.

pencil + ink + gouache.

pencil + gouache

flat pencil + watercolour

ballpoint + gouache


ken lee said...

damn! this is inspiring!

Don Low said...

I love these a lot, especially for those with the newspaper cuttings!! Maybe you could composite your drawings with the actual newspaper itself. :P

drewscape said...

thanks. yeah i could do a composite but that would mean using photoshop which i try not to in this project. the nice part about drawing from newspapers is that it's free and the figures don't move.