Friday, January 15, 2010

A first attempt at linocut print. With colours added in photoshop.
Anyone tried this before?


AG said...

NICE! i think the image works alot better in b/w than in color tho-

lino is pretty awesome to work with. XD

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Looks like u were trying to carve out just the bgr in 1 swop? Like a shortcut?

The coloured one works better imho.

Would prefer a proper 2c Lino with proper area definition.
Now the form is all merged and confusing if u dont add the photshop step.

Interesting experimentation :)

Don Low said...

Fantastic!! You beat to it.. I was looking at the materials the other day along with screens too!! Arrgghh!!!

drewscape said...

only the bottom background and figure were carved out to form the white spaces. the tools only lets you carve it out bits at a time so no shortcut. It also matters what kind of ink you use. some inks don't stick so well to the surface so it doesn't come out so well. but the mistakes can look nice. would be interesting to see others do this.