Saturday, January 23, 2010


While all the adults pitying and worrying the future of the one eye kid.
We seems forgotten that the kid is enjoying a different colourful dream with his blind eye.
No matter good or bad dreams life will still go on.


drewscape said...

ha well i've never seen this subject matter before. interesting perspective. wish the character design was more unusual but it is well executed. was this a gift to a one eyed boy?

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Looks good- nice n colourful.

Pls tell us how its done and what is this for.

soloist said...

It just a drawing of my own that inspired from a incident of a friend's son. All of us feeling sad for him but according to the father he still living like normal jumping here and there. Maybe from his point of view the world still the same it just that we take it too serious with our way of thinking.

I'd say this painting is a wish than a gift. Wish that he could live in his own way and happily.

drewscape said...

thats a very nice thought

ken lee said...

Warm hearted. Your blessing shall be well received! Well done! Love it!