Sunday, January 24, 2010

OIC draw-at-the-library 23 Jan, sat, 10AM (sharp)

It's amazing what you can learn drawing from photography books and other reference materials. (eg. books on underwater photography, cities, landscapes, ancient artifacts, architecture, old japanes drawings, etc.) So this saturday morning, if you are looking for a relaxing quiet cool place to draw, want to discover new interesting subject matters to draw, and chill out with other illustrators, then join us at the art reference section of the National Library (Bras Basah) 8th floor locker area at 10am-12.00pm+. Cost is FREE. Can leave anytime. We will go for lunch after that. (but have your own breakfast)

DO: bring a sketch pad (not in booklet form) or sheets of paper. Bring pens, pencils, erasers, small pencil box. DO NOT: bring paints or materials that will look like they will damage their books. Be late because seats at the reference section get taken up fast so please come on time. Talk in the library (whisper if you must.)

Sign up in comments section if interested. Call Andrew at 91070735 if you are lost.

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