Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Black canary & Green Arrow

I've been doing this in installments while waiting for clients to revert on various projects. Finally decided to finish it yesterday. ..


drewscape said...

this totally rocks! a very sexy picture!

Mr.B said...

wow! nice! Is it a mix of 3d and paints? i feel the background could be less saturated juz to bring out the guys in front. right now the values for both foreground and background are the same..

AG said...

WOAHHH. hot girl on sexy motorbike.
super badass!

i LIKE!! esp. rendering on the bike. :D

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

WoW!! Nice Solid solid render!!

Agree with Mr B on the values. Something I need to work on too.

But I don't find it sexy at all.
There's more attitude and aggression than sexiness.

dominique said...

Thanks guys & gals! I did have a rock 'n' roll theme in mind when I was envisioning it. The bike was the most tedious to do cos of all the components, plus it was hard to find reference pics of a harley shot from below! Once again, its a purely photoshop piece, no 3D..
Yeah I might play around with the values a bit.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

"a purely photoshop piece, no 3D...."

Can you post the base drawing? Would love to see how tight you have to sketch before you bring it to the final stage.
You have an amazing eye for details and making it look damn real Dom :)

Thx for posting

dominique said...

tks Mikes,here's s sketch that I used as a base. Its not all that tight actually, just wanted to get the angles and main lighting down.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wow Dom- thx for the sketch :)

U see- if u use the sketch as a guide for toning the image, it would hv "popped" more right away (from the bgr )!!
I initially thot its just the gal riding solo!! ( despite the title! silly me )

Nice sketch. It seems u do alot of details adding after the sketch. I normally would like to resolve those before I paint. I guess your way is faster.

thx for sharing :)