Friday, May 23, 2008

Sustained Life Drawing

done in studio.

medium: charcoal


Torei said...

Hi AG. Where do you do your life drawing? I'm very interested but i can't see to find any place. Do you happen to have any to recomendation?

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

HiTorei- AG is now studying in Melbourne. These drawings are done in her uni over there i believe.

If you want figure drawing sessions- we may meet for one soon and I will keep u posted. This is private and by invitation only subject to approval by the organiser.

drewscape said...

Nice morb. Looks like you are getting good formal training. the shading i feel can be more bold and daring. A little on the light side. Keep it up!

AG said...

hi torei, yep, mindflyer said it all. ahaha-

xiexie shifu. yeah, i need to work on shading. and everything else. garrr!!

Torei said...

Mindflyer > Cool.~ Keep me updated. :)

AG > More more more. Haa. :)