Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi people. Sorry for being missing for a while~

Modeled after classmate Nat. Her shoes collection rivals Imelda Marcos', and she loves skinny jeans.

Got the idea about the coloring style from Jenny Mortsell, who is awesome awesome awesome



mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Is this a self portrait? or? if not pls do and post one ok :)

Love all the quirky small elements ( the eyelash clipper and the plug rocks!! ) and the twisted hands.

Don't disappear again ok :D

adeline said...

nice :-)

fadedcrimson said...

mindflyer: nope, this is based on my classmate's look and personality. I barely know how to clip my eyelashes haha.

okay, shifu! ;D

adeline: thankeees.

eeshaun said...

this is super nice!!!!

adeline said...

holy shitsauce, i just went to check out the jenny mortsell's site. it's goooood man :0

drewscape said...

excellent. has nice twists! literally.