Thursday, May 01, 2008


These are the sketches I did during the SketchCrawl on 29 Mar. The location's at Whitemarsh Island, Savannah. Sorry if you have seen these before.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

wow. Nice :D and loose

Love the last one with the boat on stilts.

Did u manage to finish more in watercolour?

How many hours did you spent drawing at the crawl?

drewscape said...

nice subject matter to draw. Nicely done! Like the lines.

Don Low said...

Hi Mindflyer,
I spent just several hours until I got really hungry. I wanted to do more but the sand gnats were attacking me from all directions. I painted the watercolors in the restaurant.

Thanks for liking them!!


Don Low said...

I might be going back again for more. But since summer is coming, i think staying indoors is better...:(

Don Low said...

Thanks Drew!!

dominique said...

That's very nice! I like the lines. Some of the scenes remind me of SF.