Saturday, May 10, 2008


I did this work last year to submit for an art competition, but it was not shortlisted.
Size is 50 by 65 cm, and what I did was essentially wrote down conversations I heard in crowds..and stringed them together..conversations in the trains, cafes and streets..etc.
And you cannot help not to listen as people do not value privacy now, with the mobile phones 24/7.. I can literally tell a stranger's history, from his/her conversation that takes place over the mobile phones.The hi-res version is in my blog.


AG said...

beautiful and fluid brushwork. STYLO! saw the hi-res one in yr blog, very nice.

drewscape said...

i like the concept and the illustration! however one thing is lacking. With so many lines and objects in one piece you need more clues for the eye to tell them apart. You have light patches, medium patches. But you need lots more dark patches.

AG said...

shifu tone attack. :X