Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dastardly Evils & Other Corruptions of the Adult Life

the story continues here.
nothing other than for having a little laugh at job hazards.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

LOL- familiar story. It happens all the time lah.

How I see it:

1. These people actually "opened" your eyes. They "deserved" to be thanked.

2. You don't have to do it their way in $$$$ terms. The least you can do is buy them dinner or give them some original art.

3. Don't quote "on-the-spot" in future please. Always write it down and think it through. Do ask around and know the market rates. Don't spoil the market.

Nice art by the way :)

cherie the mrrr said...

this is loosely based on real-life, the quote was actually much higher, and the 'negotiations' much more complicated.

but your advice noted with much thanks :)

zeropointfive said...

Grr... These kinds of middle-man clients remind me of abusive parents:

After all the hard work you've put in to seek their approval, they make you feel like you've done something wrong or you've not done enough for them.

I agree with mindflyer on a very pragmatic level. There are sharks at every turn and it takes experience to protect ourselves against them and not allow ourselves to feel foolish.

However morally, it's just wrong. Makes me just want to go up to the mothers of these people and tell them "you raised your kids badly!"

Sigh... Mike, can you be our agent and manage ALL of us??!!! we give you percentage cut la! :p hehe...

My sympathies Cherie!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Zero- LOL tht's the problem with people like us. We must not be afraid or lazy to think things through and "fight" for what we are worth and speakout.
I hate all these dealing with people too and would rather just focus on having fun creating stuff- but I don't mind learning and seeing how I can make my situation better.

We have enough collective experience to deal with most situations here- so don't be afraid to consult.

Don't close your eyes- it wouldn't go away!! :)

zeropointfive said...

i hear ya loud and clear! Thanks man! :D