Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly 15 Minute Portraits

Before "The Chairman" gets on my case for not posting on this blog, here's something i did when my iMac crashed. While my replacement laptop occasionally made spinning "rainbow connection" when handling heavy Photoshop files. I will doodle to make the agony a little easier. All portraits are done under 15 minutes, and with no touch ups. You can view more drawings HERE.

Clockwise from top: Audrey Tautou, Willie Nelson, Hugh Laurie and TangWei


pins said...

wooohoo nice!
ah lai!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wah nice- I neber neber stress you wor!!
You volunteer to post this every week :D!!

Btw- all these done raw right?? Not overlayed on photos but drawn by eye?

bella said...

really refined strokes and lines, what medium did you use? :D

LOL at "rainbow connection".. also known as "lollipop of doom" "danger colorwheel" "wheel of misfortune".. when you work with enough macs you'll find many names for their 'loading' icon.

Don Low said...

I've seen this before you posted them here. They are great, great practice, great way to while your time away... that's how I spend the time waiting for the PC to boot up or a huge file to be saved... just doodling away.

Great post... wanna see more.

zeropointfive said...

i love the rawness ;) it's always refreshing to have a technology failure here and there to get us back to basics! Love it!

what brushes did u use? i've been wondering how to do that kind of strokes without getting those "leaked dots" u get when u use bad marker pens...

F L E E said...

(Bows) Thank you! Thank You for the comments!

Pins: Ar lai! Thank you ar!

Don: I really didnt know you followed my blog? Wow!

Answers answers answers:

Mindflyer: Raw indeed, just go google an image and draw from screen.

Bella & ZeroPointFive: Geek talk; Rotring mechanical pencil with 4B lead, Black Pen and thin Zebra marker.

drewscape said...

really nice. and no corrections too. well done!