Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I did a Kuanth! (Clare & Family)

With apologies to Kuanth and much paid respect to his style :p
It's like I'm absorbing your vibes from next door!
(Ps. The inverted doll feet were specifically requested!)


kuanth said...

hahahaha... the inverted feet was both sk and my idea.:P

they all look so local.:)

sokkuan said...

" The inverted doll feet were specifically requested!" haha...so cute.

Honestly, you got very nice details here, just that the colours are not "malay-ish" enough. :-p

zeropointfive said...

lol thks sk, ya i agree, should have chosen the brighter malay colours heh..

yup, client saw and looooved the inverted doll feet u guys came up with :D nice touch!