Saturday, November 22, 2008


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An exhibition on Plushes and Sorrow

This December, local design collective
Mimipong will showcase their Hug Your Sorrow plush toys in a month-long exhibition. Titled The Saddest Place on Earth, it will be held at BooksActually. The Saddest Place on Earth is a collaborative effort between Mimipong’s successful line of tear dolls together with international and local creative professionals. The writers – selected from a diverse range of backgrounds – were invited to pen their unique interpretations of sadness on the dolls’ cloth tags.

Launch Party:12 Dec, 8pm
Exhibition Run:12 December 2008 to 12 January 2009 at BooksActually, 5 Ang Siang Road, Singapore

Featuring the Works of
Bubi Auyeung (Hong Kong)
Pelle Carlsberg (Sweden)
Janet Chui (Singapore)
Rwitobrato Datta (India)
Mike Foo (Singapore)
April Lee (Singapore)
Jens Lekman (Sweden)
Leslie Low (Singapore)
Jason Lundberg (Singapore)
Roxy Marj (USA)
Laura Marling (UK)
Joe Ng (Singapore)
Ng Yi-Sheng (Singapore)
Ellery Ngiam (Singapore)
Shannon Ong (Singapore)
Poppy Pachinko (Singapore)
Amy Tsilemanis (Australia)
Mia Timpano (Australia)
Jeremy Warmsley (UK)
Wee Li Lin (Singapore)
Cyril Wong (Singapore)

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