Thursday, December 18, 2008


with the opacity brush in photoshop. trying out multi-coloring, but doesn't seem to be working too well. :X


Don Low said...

Pretty nice experiment. The choice and style of color and brushes makes it looks like from one artist in Japan.

F L E E said...

If you want to try tonal, its not advisable to start with no reference?( Because its best to learn how to use local and modeling)
Then you can see various colours underlying against tones. It'll be fun.
Honestly, i seen your work from a year ago compare to now, you have improve leaps.
I hope your course still make you draw like crazy, and keep focus where you want to take your drawing to. Good try!

drewscape said...

yeap keep going. looks quite nice so far. just experiment with your own techniques.

AG said...

thank you for the comments! i will try out tonal with reference :D