Tuesday, December 02, 2008

TimeOut covers

Two Christmas theme illustrations I did recently for TimeOut Magazine. Originally the text on the snowglobe cover was supposed to be engraved on a plaque that's on the base of the snowglobe, so I had to leave it plain. But they decided to go with normal text finally, so the base now looks a little too plain to me..


drewscape said...

it looks really great. especially in the cover layout. It's amazing that even the hands look so real.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wah piang!!! No horse run! :D

Hope u get enough$$$ bro!! Amazing stuff!

I think u must up the ante and somehow show that what u are doing is "worth" more than a "photo".
What I mean is you have the 90% realism mojo already- u need that extra 10% ( concept, composition, styling ) to make it magical.

Hope I said it right :P

Don Low said...

yeh! very well done! I dun think I can even make the hand that real!!

dominique said...

thanks guys.. but it actually doesn't look all that realistic once you see the magazine up close.
Mike, I think I get what you are saying. I guess a lot of attention and detail has been put to the realism and its good to explore further. Hopefully I will be doing that on a current project. Will post once its cleared..

zeropointfive said...

your attention to realism is incredible. i don't think u need to worry about looking at it up close la, if it even looks THAT realistic up close, may as well take photos and photoshop, right? But it's wonderful already just as an illustration, a real test of technical skills :D