Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hay all!!

hai guise I'm Bella. I'm studying at the moment..

Never ever touched any kind of comic drawing in my life (I swear my heart to the heavens above!!)..
Feels strange and fun to start on something at last. Heres something I felt like drawing after a few drinks, and the inspiration from weird and complicated looking sequential art (Chris Bachalo's Steampunk)

Might make this into a series, god forbid.. tales of the pointless tales of yore!

Thanks to Mike for letting me poast stuffs!


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Hope to see more. Pls flesh this out and join the "Liquid City Vol 2" gang. :D

Don Low said...

Comics is an evil word...

zeropointfive said...

Heya bella,

i agree with mike, there's definitely something special going on there but not entirely fleshed out yet. Unfair to have a final word since it's just a fast sketch (an impressive sketch though!) I like the style of the "collage-y" composition and some of the renderings on the figures is really great! The style seems to lead towards a more abstract kind of storytelling and you have to be careful about that cuz abstract comics is difficult to pull off sometimes without becoming indulgent.

I want to see more!! :D do post more stuff up!

Bella said...

waahh you're definitely pushing the envelope.. ok i'll draw more and see how the process goes :D

Comics make you buy moar comics.. thats evil..

Thsnks for the crits and comments man :) I'm still working on finding a way to fuse this collagey style with a proper format of storytelling, i agree (after awhile i looked at it again) it feels too abstract.. flow needs some work!

I'll post more stuff soon guys!! Thanks for the comments, appreciate it yo! :)

OneTwoDelta said...

Waaa, i like ur drawing style :)