Friday, December 26, 2008

TP dragon

Illustrated the dragon to be incorporated into TP School of Design's banner. The 5m banner can be seen outside the school along the main road.


Anonymous said...

The yellow dragon juxstapose with the yellow pencil is a bad choice in the poster..and I think the dragon probably needs more work ..There can be some different colors for the legs or the wings.. and the pose can be more dynamic, the mouth open.. etc.. and the horns looked "flimsy".I can see the effort put into the details like the scales etc but as a poster to impress people to join the poly, I think it needs to be much much more stronger than this.

drewscape said...

hmm. yes the pose can be more dynamic. And the dragan design can be more exciting. Can vary the proportions of the body parts more perhaps. It looks a bit generic and safe for now. yellow dragon is ok but shld not use the motion blur thing coz it usually looks artificial. Shld convey movement in the pose instead. But no worries i see you are getting lots better in photoshop already. Keep it up!

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the feedback! I only illustrated the dragon. The yellow pencil, motion blur and background were done by the poly's designer so I had no control over that and didn't know how it'd come out. Guess a scarier dragon would have been nice, but the peeps requested it to look "friendly" without much other specifications besides "nice, friendly dragon". Oh well, it's also my 1st try at dragons so... *shrugs shoulders* anyway, it'll be nice for 'Anonymous' to join OIC coz it seems like you've got lots of experience to share!

dominique said...

Sounds like you were quite constrained by the powers that be.. That's an ad for the school of design I suppose?

c00ki3 said...

Haha, saw the dragon while walking to TDS yesterday. (I'm a student there.)

It's your first attempt at drawing dragons? That's pretty good.

I agree with Anonymous though, but there isn't much of a choice considering that you didn't have any control over the design process of the banner in its entirety.

Speaking of joining OIC, man, I wanna participate in the portrait drawing session too, but I'm always busy during the Saturdays. >__<