Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I completed a series of illustrations for SingHealth calendar, the calendar will be given out free with purchase of January issue of Women's Weekly. The design done by Ling from Nuts Ideas.
Each illustration are based on a specific theme given by the client, the aim was emulate something magical according with the theme. All illustrations are done with pencil on paper later coloured in Photoshop.


Don Low said...

Cool illustrations! I like the colors a lot.

drewscape said...

that shld increase the sales for women's weekly! nicely done and has that trademark flee style.

sokkuan said...

very romantic!!
ei! why is there only 9 girls? :-P

F L E E said...

Thanks Don, Andrew & Sokkuan!

Andrew: I sure hope so! So i can get more future gigs like these!

Sokkuan: If i showed everyone of them, then no one will get the calendars! (kakaka..) Not much mystery or suspense to it right?

Mr.B said...

sis, can give me calendar? bess!

AG said...

i saw the making-of behind the scenes. heh heh heh.

the set turned out awesomo! now i is waiting for your zine. *muahahahaha*