Tuesday, December 12, 2006

cat woman & misfits

after graduating from satay sticks as felt tip nibs,
reaising as they work well only on fabrics.
i found a new makeshift instrument!
inexpensive and good for typography as well.
the inks have a bit of odour, so i get headaches
but all in the name of new pursuits in illustration!

you can guess what those words refer to,
but that will be my little secret for now ;}


Soul Twister dot com said...

so what is the new instrument?


F L E E said...

wow!!! Pamm! So nice to have you joining OIC! Welcome welcome! Do post more of your experimental pieces!

from pamm! said...

i used a ruling pen
this give you any ideas for new experiments?
:!!!! and yes lee! i'm in for meetng too!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

ruling pen!!!!

Wah- that one is like extinct liao!! We used to use it to scribe circles with a compass for building draughting class!!!

Never thot i can make funky ink drawings with it- thanks for the tip!!
I must dig out my old ruling pen soon!!

andyyang said...

ruling pens used to come with the Bofa set. classic material. did you use fresh squid ink?

from pamm! said...

both would stink the same as well right?
only i'd get to EAT the SQUID, but maybe in japan, i much rather have sashimi than cao you yu/ cuttlefish.

i used plain old cheap pelikan 4001 ink, comes in red/green/blue/black. very easy to find, 100% guaranteed at Mustafa, though, i found mine at Far East's Staionery shop level 2? near X Large.