Friday, December 08, 2006

sheryo's first post!

hello people, my first post on the blog! :D

i know it's a wee bit too early but here's what i did for xmas this year. sick of santa clauses so i decided to draw a reindeer instead.

sketch/1st draft

screenshot of vector work

click here for final artwork.

Merry merry xmas!


Soul Twister dot com said...

this is very nice. i think the introduction of yellow and orange tones gives it a little distance from the usual red+green scheme we get for christmas. it's fresh. and the reindeer looks a little cheeky. cute.

F L E E said...

heh! Love the silly wide-eyed look!
I must say i find the antlers very interesting.
Do post more stuffs on this blog!

sheryo a. said...

thank you soul! yeah i wanted a different xmas card approach hence the colour!

yes flee i will definitely post more now that im startin to paint again!

drewscape said...

your layers of detail are amazing! Very nicely done!

Don Low said...

This is so very cool!!!