Saturday, December 02, 2006

mix media out of total desparation (dead-deadline!!!)

Flee!! at last i can sleep! luckily i found this flower print fabric! (sob...)


kuanth said...

walao, u still have time to post? u really didnt sleep lastnight?

F L E E said...

you are a very very crazy person!
I think you must had run around the house (eating noodles at the same time), looking for textures that you can use!
But like i said lor, you wont just let go one, you got quality control one!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

eh- why so fun exciting story no head no tail one??
What deadline? what crisis?

SK is like that- she is very INtense when a job is at hand!! kekekeke

Maybe she's jus excited about moving house or is it something they add in instant nppdles.

kekekeke ;)

F L E E said...

Be ready to bleed SK!!!(Hahah no lah...just kidding...)
Ok here's the comment...
I do feel that its a bit on the plain side.Was wondering if the column size given were very limited. I think yah lah...plain...lucky thing you found the fabric...the fabric really helps, however it snatches the attention away from the figure(unless you want the figure to be like a supporting cast kind of thing)
So there, really SK, its really nothing bad about this piece...(go down on one knee) Please believe me leh!

sokkuan said...

yes i agree. hehe... it's very plain. other than the fabric there's really nothing much to see kekekke! only thing i like about it is the colour. :-p