Friday, December 08, 2006

MDA grant for first-time writers and illustrators of comics and graphic novels

A chance not to be missed :D Just thought I"ll pass the news around.
Have already taken the grant for the children's book and judging by wat has been going on from that grant, this is an opp. not to be missed.. so sharpen your pencils and get cranking kids.

laters :)


zeropointfive said...

Holy Gawd!

Let's hope can do dark stuff and not just feel-good bullshit! :p

Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)

Soul Twister dot com said...

thanks for sharing.

steff said...

I think MDA lets u more or less do wat u want, although for the children book my writer and I had to change storyline abit coz the pannel felt that it was "not very ideal" for young kids.

But don't think they will be controlling much of wat u do:) Have fun :D

(GOD, I sound like an MDA representive.. WAHahahahaa)

zeropointfive said...

Downloaded the form to take a look.

$8000 grant to publish. MDA has rights to publish story in anthology series by chuang yi. creators keep the copyright to the works.

No sex, full frontal nudity, homosexual, bi-sexual, paedophilic or incestuous content. No excessive violence. No vulgarities. No racist or religiously-insulting content. No drug promoting content.

so any takers? keep it clean :)

sheryo a. said...

oh my, i'd definitely keep this MDA grant in mind, childrens' storybooks - i love!