Sunday, December 31, 2006


Thank you Andrew for putting the doodles altogether! (bows) Its been fun guys, lets do it again!

(click on image for enlarge view)


eeshaun said...

hahahahaha. omg i love the drawing n all the cool pictures! i feel SO bad that i missed the outing! :( it looked like it was fun...aiyah aiyah...nevermind next one sure i confirm go....happy new year everyone!!!!! time flies so fast...tick tick tick tick!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Aiya- must b busy part-tor until forget lor......

Next time to ensure u dont miss it again- i suggest making u the I.C. ( in charge ).

kekekeke ;)

zeropointfive said...

Gosh, that was an awesome experience meeting everyone! (macham dinner become drawing seminar in a few min heh) sorry i couldn't stay longer guys. REALLY wanted to but had to go. And i didn't even really get to meet eevryone officially arrgghh... Will stay longer next time! happy new Year everyone! :D

ps. LOVE the sketch collage!
pps. thanks for lending me the markers flee and andy!

ShuffleArt said...

Cool Man. Love those drawing but too bad I cant make it due to last min crazy job. Will be there the next one. :)

Bobby, lamenting white dog said...

hee hee hee thats was fun!!! next time remind me i bring sticka so we can write our name and wear it proud on our chest. cos i bad with name lah... must put face to name and name to face. : ) btw eeshuan and roger no escape next time!!!!

F L E E said...

Hello everyone!
Yes i second the ID sticker idea.

Whey Eeshaun! You go pak tor can also "pak" to the gathering mah! hahah.. we all know her leh!

ZeroPointFive: Nice, and finally meet you in person! Unfortunately, the markers belongs to the devine Kandy Kang! hahah! I bring shame to fellow illustrators not carryng art materials everywhere i go! I not worthy!

Roger: Must punish you...let the chairman decide the method of torture.

But overall it was nice, lets do it again soon!