Thursday, December 14, 2006

errr...merry xmas to all...


Soul Twister dot com said...


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nice!! I like the humour!!

from pamm! said...

should elaborate this story!

Perhaps "Santa" is an enigma, and part of a team in alias, to take down the powers that encourage self-rule and that "Any advertising is Good advertising."

But this "Santa" has been playing both sides. Only, he messed up and got found out, thus, he didn't pass on but was really, Murdered.

Since before time, multiple "Santa"s have been replaced and renewed, to keep a phony tradition alive as well as, feed a corporate union of greeting cards/system providers/holiday tour packages/printing factories etc. (the same team that gives you Easter and Valentines Day, and other cash-in holiday "cheer"s).

So, the elves are in fact, not at walmart. But in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and other areas of the Southeastern US, stationed to be ready-for-attack when the skinny "Santa" of 1982 uncovers the head perpetrators for all this holiday mess in the first place.


sei-ji rakugaki said...

mmm...ok..Pamm.i can tell that you just drank too much coffee;)