Thursday, July 03, 2008

faire des emplettes à Paris - done!

Been busy with work. Fulltime freelancing is tiring and rewarding @ the same time. Trying my hands on some editorials here. Hopefully i'll get some magazines gigs.


sei-ji rakugaki said...

The rendering and the girl looks great! But I felt the composition of the car right beside the girl is strange and create a "tangent" which should be avoided.Will be better if the car is smaller to create the perspective of depth than havig it "side by side".

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nice picture/ rendering :)
Good that you take the time to pull back and do personal work - RESPECT!!

my 2 cts worth -
1. The tension of the chin / horizon / beams on buildings is chopped up by the car. Lose the car. or like wht Seiji says - make it way smaller.
2. Her B cups and neck line not aligned?? Not a biggie but hmmmm....
3. The rear wheel of the car is not aligned. I like things thrown off tangent but your car is too perfect liao so the wheel here cannot be aligned like that.

Good work bro- hope u get more Editorial stuff. Have fun :)

drewscape said...

your art will definately look good in editorials. i'd make her legs longer to give the more fashion vibe. but it's a matter of style.

Jewel Serene said...

Hi Mr B!

You do free lancing? How do I contact you for a possible cooperation?



Mr.B said...

hi jewel! u can email me

Or head down to my blog, my contact's over there