Monday, July 21, 2008


Some sketches i owe OIC heh.. sorry, been busy and distracted...

favourite hero: sorry... more Batman heh.. what to do, favourite what.

Not really my favourite, but someone already did Joker :D

Favourite shoe.. same as andrew i think heh except mine is red! Searched some obscure chinatown store for it! Red is easier to hide the blood stains >.<... heh

I found this old jacket in some shop selling retro second hand stuff in Lucky Plaza. Just my size too. it's meant to be... Oh, this was during my kill bill craze (which never ends heh).


pins said...

pray tell where is this vintage shop at lucky plaza?
i wld like to pay it a visit...

: )


drewscape said...

bravo. im proud of you! you did them all! Your line drawings are neat and precise as usual. and your limited colours are used thoughtfully to bring out the pictures. nice ones!