Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lawyers for the Arts FAQ

hiya all

Hoping to start up something similar to the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts here in Singapore, to provide free or cheap legal help for visual artists.

Will be starting off as a relatively informal group, with an informal group of lawyers like Samuel Seow, Adrian Tan, Cyril Wong and others to provide the advice.

What's needed now is a FAQ for a website that deals with common legal problems artists face, so hoping to get responses from everyone as to what these might be :)

can either post here or email me at sonny123(at)


ps: also any suggestions for the name of the group welcome. Though we can't use words like law, lawyers etc at the moment cos of the informal status :p


Sonnybunni said...

Er.. nobody has ever had any legal issues to deal with? contracts, payments, copyright? :p

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Sonny- I think alot of us are not very good or aware of issues like this and hence nobody dares to start.

Thanks for taking the initiative in organising this. This is good meaty stuff that will help us alot in being treated fairly in the market.

Maybe everyone can start by posting simply:
1. Registration of an original character design.
2. Documentation / contract for full rights sale of artwork
3. What can we do if our copyright is infringed.


sokkuan said...

Hi Sonny,

It's so nice of you initiating this!

Emm, my question will be:
How/Where can i apply patent for a character that i have designed?
Any fee? Does it apply to global? ...

Thank you so much!!! ('u')

dominique said...

Hi Sonny, this is a great idea!

Some things that come to mind:

1)drafting contracts for artwork usage / royalties / etc

2)Legally when / under what circumstances can we claim copyright infringement.

Thanks for this!

Sonnybunni said...

thanks all... ok will try and get FAQ ready :p

meanwhile, any name suggestions? :)

AG said...

name suggestion:

the assembly of artist advisors.