Friday, July 04, 2008

Peep into my studio in school

Hello hello, I've been so busy and haven't uploaded anything in almost forever, but just thought I'd share how my studio space looks like, since Anngee shared hers before. ;-)

I'm in the painting department so I paint all day long and sketch with my oil paints as well. Haha. But it's time to get back on track with my drawing.

Still in search for the perfect A5/A4 Sized sketch book. I've been using Muji and scraps of paper for so long. So unorganized! Tsk tsk!

Good heavyweight paper stock sketchbooks, any suggestions anyone?


AG said...

eh. my name is anNgee, not angee.

dawn t said...

oops :x

jacqueline said...


Amanda said...

interesting! :) thanks for giving us an insight of your working environment. i was taking oil painting too. i love painting still life and landscape! what bout yourself?

drewscape said...

i like the paintings on your wall. very nice colour sense an interesting subjects. corals?

i like monologue sketchbooks. good paper for ink and pen and very reasonable.

dawn t said...

Oh they were derived from rocks, and twigs, nature bits from my little hikes.

Oh Monolouge. I will go look for one :) Thanks!