Friday, July 11, 2008

Nothing, We're Just Talking

Truly upsetting to be M.I.A for a long time. Truth is, every time i feel like i've got a good post, a greater artist like kaunth (ke ke) or someone else, will post before me and i just end up discarding the whole darn draft! lol. KAY, i thought i might just share, i'm only human!

Featured below are some stills from my animation/film:
"Nothing, we're just talking"
A make believe transit of pretend conversations,
over scenes that have grown to be insignificant; (Please, read more)

View the full animation/film here.
View more stills here or here.




sei-ji rakugaki said...

interesting idea!.. and if words we spoke are not transient but morph into actual physcial words..Like in ur scenes, I guessed we will literally drown in our own words..

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

hey- welcome back! :)

Pls don't feel unworthy ( how nt to when someone like Kuanth or Drew just posted! LOL), we are here to share stuff and learn from one another.
Its not just about posting perfect work.

Nice stuff, wish you post more in future. DOn't MIA again.

Is there a link to the complete animation? thx :)

sokkuan said...

interesting! i like the 2nd piece from top most. ('u')

from pamm! said...


Seiji: I wonder, if we do drown in our words, maybe then we will think before speaking and only the best will come out of our mouths!

Drew: I'm GLAD you laugh with me on that! kakaka. I will edit the post with a link to the video:}

Sokkuan: I was/am really happy with that scene too! Most delicate of the lot.

Thanks mates :}

pins said...

pamjams back!
i like the first n third from the top.
lovely and congratulations on graduation!
it rhymeses!

: )

drewscape said...

but i didnt comment

from pamm! said...

but ofcourse, by "Drew" i meant, "mindflyer".

adeline said...

i've seen it "live", it's the best one among the graduating batch!