Saturday, July 05, 2008

on behalf of marcus lim :p

Dear illustrator,
It has come to the attention of the Book Council of Singapore, the presence of immense illustration talents in Singapore. They have also realised that given the opportunity, these illustration talents can shine and find many job opportunities with the right network partners. Currently, they have made plans to do that for all of us, and I'm in the midst of helping them to find these potential talents that seek to network with the industries who hunger for talents like you.
I hope to receive your reply so that i can include in my database, and to present your contact to the Book Council when more concrete plans come into play.
With that, I thank you for your attention, and to receive your reply.

Best regards
Marcus Lim
(65) 9769-4360
/Sales & Commissions of
Heritage and Heirloom
Paintings in oil & charcoal/

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