Monday, July 07, 2008

Hi- thank you everyone

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I finally got listed with OIC, thank you everybody! I love the portrait sessions, the sketch walk , the amazing talent pool...I am a freelance illustrator, I have done- children's picture books, portraits, murals and installation art . Always looking to explore and learn, I seek the company of art friends!
Check out some of my work
Feel free to email:
or Call:93884740
I am new in singapore, do you know of any studio or space where i can make some lithographs in collaboration? heres a sketch for you, Have a beautiful day, ciao!


kuanth said...

big welcome!:)

drewscape said...

welcome. your portraits at portrait day were delightful. post the ones that didnt get sold.

Mr.B said...

welcome welcome : )

Don Low said...

I luv the lines.