Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MutantStyle invites you to....

Hi all my creative collective MutantStyle will be having a exhibition 2mrw...details are as follows :D

"MutantStyle: Heroes/Villains & Mythological creatures from our living room"

Date: 16th October 2008, (this coming/2mrw) Thursday
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Other Side
66 Rowell Road
Singapore 207439
beverage sponsor: Tiger Beer
music: DJ Ikuma the 8-bit producer of mayhem
Contact: Jonathan -

the location map

cheers, do pop by if u are free...



zeropointfive said...

Congrats on the exhibition! :) i was there for a short while.

Seems rather scarce in the number of works. I think you need to show more works if you do a next one. The whole poster and feel kind of gave me the impression i would be seeing a fuller body of work. If you meant for it to be a small exhibition, the space is wrong.

The work themselves are still rather raw and i wasn't sure of the direction the entire thing was going - it was more graphics and culture but was trying to be fine art at the same time. I felt more style over substance though i appreciate the bold statements you were attempting to make.

It was a good first attempt! :D hope to see more next time!

zxerokool said...

thanks for dropping by,

yea everything was quite rushed for us, coz we do freelance design in the day. It was defn a big learning experience preparing and setting up and exhibition in a short span of time.

appreciate the comments, yea we are still striving to evolve as artists, which is why I guess we call ourselves mutantstyle :D

cya around dude!