Thursday, October 02, 2008

robot fish ending

The ending to a story i wrote many years ago. A swarm of unstoppable robot fish lay waste to the galaxy. The only way to immobilize them was to bring them close to one of the engineers that created them. a bad man. A dimension traveller and a professor attempt this dangerous task.
(watercolour on paper + photoshop colour adjustments)


zeropointfive said...

awesomeness! love your panelling and the feel of it though i got a little lost towards the end and I'm not exactly sure what happened :D

as always, great signature inks and rendering!

drewscape said...

you're right. The storytelling isn't too clear as it was more an experiment trying watercolour for comics. So the professor entered the cockpit and he was digested by the robot fish like the original pilot was. (the fish is part organic technology). Tho that is from another part of the story.