Thursday, October 23, 2008

this is the more "natural" one

hey mike, i m totally okay with comments. sometimes its just different preferences, as i wanna experiment the "not natural" way too.:P


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Thx for baring it all for us to see!! :D

I noticed the vertical "streaks" texture ( I like the effect ) were already there in ur original drawing of the lady in yellow. It becomes more evident when u tweaked the levels ( I download ur jpg and tried ). Don't tell me its just photocopy paper??!! The texture works well w the image :D

Keep experimenting & pushing the envelope.

drewscape said...

haha. Since we are continuing the topic. My thoughts were that: since you have the natural paper scanned in, it might look strange if popart colours appeared on it. But if everything were cleaned up nicely (eg. clean white background) then popart colours and textures would look like it belonged. But it's a matter of preference and not a rule.

pins said...

i like these 2 water color paintings alot. especially the one on the right. would like to give this style a shot soon hopefully.
would be glad if you(everyone) can give some pointers.