Monday, February 16, 2009

DMD grad show invites

Last minute request and tight deadlines..
..hours and hours later... Superheroes Fusion 09 night guest invite~

Right is the comic (the underside), Left is the "comic cover".

Comic (Pencilling, Inking, Coloring) taken care of by me (exception of rough layout by Ming), and Cover (Layout, Pencilling, Coloring) taken care of by Ming.

Harrowing ride into completion (juggling assignments and whatnots).. but it was all worth it and totally fun :D


drewscape said...

nice action scenes. can feel the drama. the arm for the cover man might be a bit short and it might have been nicer to not show the brush strokes on his pants since its more a polished illustration. It looks nice overall. well done!

ken lee said...

like the sci-fi clean rendering style! nice one!

Don Low said...

Great start. Work on proportions like what Drew said. I like the colors... a little manga-ish, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. And nice composition too... take note on the line of action as well.

Keep going!!
I wish I have your energy.

Bella said...

hehe thanks thanks!
we wished we had more time to improve on certain rough edges but Ming had to rush this piece in time for print :(

it's actually the direction (mirror's edge and MGS inspired, they say) set by the animation team for the little clip for our graduation show, had to be faithful but this is our little twist(s) to it!

ahha yeah the colors are mangaish indeed. was trying damn hard to get the Mirror's Edge coloring and lighting man. composition meant to attempt 'cross framing', by playing with many variations of only one single background.
yeah but the energys making me abit lethargic and tired >.<

thanks for the comments guys! :)