Monday, February 16, 2009


A piece I revisited while trying out the intuos 3 tablet I got recently. I used mainly the brush tip for the hair.


Don Low said...

I thought you have already an intuos 3... I am so envious of you. I wanted to buy a 6X11 for myself but now I am using what my company is giving me, a 9 X 12 which is good. I will carry it home for the weekends to work on my stuff... so fair enough.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

omg!!! Its like a photo!!

SO far - i notice when u do full body the pose needs some work ( full body pose is very hard to do right and I hate it :p)

When its half body like this- u pull it off very well.

You must find your 100% killa pet subject. Right now the girl looks damn real- but its lacking some mojo somewhere. Look at Flee's girls or Mr B's. Its hyper real but its got a feeling there.

my 2 cts - keep up the good work :)

dominique said...

Well Don, actually the last time I used a tablet was probably a few years ago. You guys remember the round G3 mouse, the one that lots of people hate? I actually liked that mouse and was able to get quite good control over it so that's what I've been using. I wanted to get a 6x11 too but Andrew recommended the 9x12 and I'm glad I took his advice. Its great for 1:1 ratio work and for details.

Mike, thanks for the critique. Will continue working on them!

Don Low said...

Dom, now you are making me think twice about buying the 6X11 tablet... I also realized that the 9X12 is jutting out of my desk... space is a prob... let me think again. Hahaha.