Friday, February 20, 2009

Updated~ poster for my booth!

old poster

Corrected it according to the helpful crits of you guys, looks better now! :D Thanks.
This is the version I sent out to print. 50 x 70 cm print, on Bromide. pretty sweet surface and print and we get to keep it after the grad show, so I intended to make the poster very much personalised yet descriptive of what I do.


Don Low said...

Interesting design!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nt my kind of vamp but.... my 2 cts

1. She's wearing horns?? Needs more work with other horn.
2. "B" is a bit lost
3. Ear ornaments looks too geometrically perfect ( the rest of the illo has a nice hand drawn touch ) and too close to skin color.
3. Bgr colour shld be darker- ( try adding a layer n set to multiply in PSD- looks more chio ) Make text a lighter colour. Handwrite the text lah- that font is too tame here.

Good luck Bella :D

zeropointfive said...

i think the imagery is very pretty bella, so my only problems with it are technical.

Your name is pretty looking but it's hard to make out Bella. I see 3ella first.

with a dark background, the lower text gets lost easily (keep this in mind especially if you intend to darken the background further... also, sometimes print comes out darker than seen on computer screen)
suggest changing the font to a light colour instead? And yes i agree with mike, would be nicer if font were hand written/drawn or replaced with a quirkier nicer font.

but i love the overall image.

Bella said...

thanks dude :3
i've been liking art noveau and psychdelic ephemera..

oh man thanks for looking into this piece! it already looks so much better than the older one! its going for print (for grad show booth Bromide poster), so cannot afford to salah one..!

thanks man! 3ella is partly intentional but after awhile it's hard to read, so I fixed what you and mike suggested.. and now it works alot!

dominique said...

I like the look and design, as well as the texture you used for the background. Can the other horn somehow also be part of the "L" above?