Friday, February 13, 2009

Njau Redux


Don Low said...

Geee.... no comments here?? Anyway, I like the dynamic feel to this piece.

Don Low said...

Oh you can work on balancing the composition with different levels of complexity of details on the page.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Its dynamic and has nice colours and lines.
But its composition is messy- i dont knw where to look. A tighter crop and knock back the background shld help.

zeropointfive said...

Haha.. i think not many here relate to D&D fantasy lol.. or maybe it's too boring heh. Thanks!

I agree on both comments, it works better in black and white or with flatter colours. Too busy right now.

Bella said...

liking the color choices but you can fine tune the values of FG, MG and BG thats for sure. theres a certain graphical element on your piece and its definitely less literal, which is interesting direction to go for a D&D artwork (typically classical paintings of scenes).

---super off topic stuff from here onwards----

dude youknow, eterna also plays D&D! :D
i was a lvl 3 (dont laugh) Wizard Tiefling. maybe we can organise an edition 4 game soon, i know a gm who used to organise alot of games.. but damn crazy one. he even has a gm ring..

now you dont feel so alone right?

yeah i know how you feel about the busyness thing.. happened to my grad show invite piece also :(

zeropointfive said...

LOL Bella,

what's your email address? Don't suppose you and/or eterna are interested in exchanging stories or maybe even play our 4E game in the future? we're always looking for new players from time to time :) Our game is trying to be strong in RP heh

Bella said...

it's, my msn as well.
nah i just found out he plays D&D 4E too, he used to play earlier eds too I think, so does my friend Zain..

You have a group? cooooolness! tell me more about it over msn man, i wanna take my dices out for a breather soon.. (btw im looking for iridescent colored dices, like opals, cuz its my gemstone la).