Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life Drawing session - Poison Ivy Themed

Clik on thumbs to see larger image. 10-15mins poses. All sketches done within the session.

I think I missed life drawing a lot. I have been contemplating to attend one but I was held back because I have to pay for the session, unlike when I was in SCAD, the life drawing sessions are free. Even so, I didn't see students coming for it. Art students!! Unbelievable!!

Anyway it was a fun session as I got to know some artists during the break. They got so much passion for their art. There was this elderly man who was so friendly he came forward to welcome me and made me feel at home. Later I got to know that he has been painting and drawing for years. I learned so much by just looking at his sketches. I miss this place already. Then I got to know another who graduated from SCAD 2 years and is now a comic artist for TokyoPop and a couple of other publishers. Wow!! I was so glad I attended.


Don Low said...

No one seen this?? :(

Bella said...

here's me to the rescue!

im a bit sheepish to ask but how did you really get the nice fluidity and volume of your ink lines?

for some reason the lines sure suits the poison ivy thing going.. she's one of my favourite sensous girls of Batman, besides Catwoman and er Harley Quinn.. kinda the only girl that a certain Shane Glines draw really cute yet badass! (haha sorry for the off tangent stuff here)