Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life Drawing Workshop: Lara Croft

Another life drawing workshop I attended on Thursday, Feb 26. These were done on Bristol Boards that I got from a yard sale, Faber Castell PITT Markers and brush pens loaded with both black ink and washes. All 10-15 mins poses.


Bella said...

wow, share your brush techniques leh!

ive been meaning and dying to use that too, works kinda wonky to me..

zeropointfive said...

Hahaha a very mannish and brutish version of lara croft! While i feel some of the faces and necks are a little too musculine, i applaud your rendition of a realistic looking adventurer.

It's ridiculous that they continually feed hormonally-charged fanboys with ideas of lithe and girlish fighters who can kick ass! Real women fighters are muscular and not "girl-next-door" types!

Your strokes are great! :) i can only dream of being able to use a brush like that heh

Don Low said...

Thanks guys... using a brush pen rather than a dipping brush makes the whole process rather painless and easily adaptable and quick. Ask Drew!!

drewscape said...

oh yeah. all brush strokes! yeah brush pen is painless. tho sometimes a real brush has a nicer feel to it. nice inspiring drawings don.

Mr.B said...

I like!