Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Battle Scooter Babe

A vector illust I did a looong time ago just for fun.


drewscape said...

nice. design meets illustration. only some of the angle/perpective seems a little off. so like the bike seems curved. and the gun seems to point at a strange angle. but its very cool.

zeropointfive said...

i like the graphics on the left leading up to the illustration, but when it comes to the illustration of the girl and bike, something seems off in style, like it either needs to be simplified more or needs more details. It's stuck in the middle. But still looks cool and it shows effort in the vectoring. not sure about the orange and green colours tho..

ari said...

Yeah, I agree that the perspective is a bit off. I guess it's because the girl is very stylized and drawn out of proportion (not 7.5 heads tall), yet the scooter was redrawn from a photo. So it's a mix of two very different worlds. Looking back, I guess I should have drawn a much looser version of the scooter.