Friday, August 07, 2009

SSO at esplande

Went to listen to SSO last week under the series - "postcards from Spain" if i remembered correctly. It was fun to watch the conductor swaying his baton and "Bolero" is fantastic!


Bella said...

your 180 moola at hans bacher was worth it one! i see the brush-silhouhette he's been advicing us about in practice here :) and im impressed how you catch the movements the way its supposed to be, even in the strokes.

drewscape said...

wat did you look out for? teach us?

Torei said...

Wow. Really nice.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Eh James- Title wrong spelling lah.

Maurice Ravel's Bolero is a nice piece! Always love the built-up.

sei-ji rakugaki said...

Hi all, tks for comments
Bella>>mmm.. ya, i guess 180 is ok , as long as we learn from it, the brushes are worth that price

Drewscape>>mmm. i think it is more on seeing the figure as a whole , rather than as indivdual parts.. something you are already aware of


Chairman>>wrong spelling? oops.. too bochap.. missed an "a" , ha, ha. maybe i also pronounced it wrongly too