Sunday, August 09, 2009

dance of the ghosts

Another crazy painting finished.
I'm rather sick of doing mainstream art and I love to draw eerie and gothic pieces.
This is done in mixed medium. The basic drawing coloured using colour pencil and markers, edited and painted the rest in photoshop.

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sokkuan said...

i like eerie and gothic drawing too! and i think you are good at it. just one thing i would like to suggest: it will be perfect if you can pay more attention to the finishing. (' u ')

ari said...

Nice, the colors and details feel like Amano's work to me.

drewscape said...

i like the colours and the raw look. but i agree with sokkuan that the finishing can be better. When you combine digital and natural media, the digital parts need to be neatened. coz pixel edges and poor resolution don't always look good with natural media. especially close up.